Conflict! Is it good or bad?
Neither. It’s outcome is.
It is how you handle a conflict,
that will lead to a positive or negative outcome.

We face conflict in our daily lives.
Our own ideas and personalities,
others with their own too.
To differ, but respect the outcome.

Conflict of the heart is painful.
A struggle of keeping my heart safe,
In distress, as love not shared,
How long before the heart trusts again?

Changes occurs in any conflict.
It helps us to grow strong, sometimes.
To look at things differently, mostly.
Learning to overcome indecision in my choices.

I have conflicts with my conscience.
Of what is right or wrong.
The wide ocean of grey area with a thin fine line.
A pull from both sides, how do I deal?

My emotions in conflict, how do I deal?
Running away from reality, not an option.
Is the imagination an escape to freedom,
Or is reality the prison I am locked in?

By C.E. Pereira


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