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God’s paintings


I dream of seeing the changing of the seasons,
To experience Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
I come from the land of sunshine and rainy weather,
Where the trees are evergreen all year round.

I have tasted Autumn a few times in my travel,
As too with Summer so hot and dry.
But Spring and Winter awaits me somewhere in the future.
Already in my mind I can see these paintings.

Will I be lucky to taste a little of Spring and Winter?
To see the earth asleep, and the magic of the earth come alive.
A winter covered with snow, resting, so too must we.
Spring arrives with awakening, life growing in abundance.

You are lucky, you see the changing of God’s painting.
I envy you, the colours of the seasons so different.
In my homeland, God’s painting doesn’t change.
I search for God the painter, most times I’m not successful.

Could it be envy that blocks my mind?
To see greenery every day, God’s gift not found.
Could it be envy that blinds my eyes?
To see sunny days and rainy days, God’s love missed.

My soul is searching for God, nature’s beauty pulls at me.
Who but God, is the painter of such masterpiece.
I will travel far in search of God’s paintings.
For to see such wonders, I will thank the Lord.

By C.E. Pereira