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Where is my voice?


Where is my voice?
I have not heard its sound,
It has been silent for quite a while.
Have I lost my voice?

I had a strong voice,
Not afraid of its boom,
A voice for those without one,
Now, I have joined this group.

Am I afraid to be heard?
The world I live in gets worst.
Fear is always there,
I am just weary of the fight.

Each time I silence my voice,
It gets harder to unlock its sound.
Keeping quiet has damaged my confidence,
Areas of black and white has turned murky.

A voice that was once sure,
Rang out loud and clear.
What was right or wrong,
Voiced out even in fear.

My voice defined me as a person,
It carried the truth into the open,
Without my voice I am invisible,
How can I claim back my voice?

By C.E. Pereira