Hope, a lifeline


Courage fading, hope a lifeline.
Battered against the rocks, the waves had no sympathy. A bit dramatic, that’s how I see the painting of life. The storm ragging, a lone figure against nature. The cold biting through the raincoat, lips that couldn’t remember being warm. Along the cliff I walk, defying the mighty force…
I have hope, all is not lost.

Courage sparks, hope a lifeline.
I struggle against the wind and rain. Strength anew inside as hope burns strong.
The storm is outside, hope sparks my courage even while the cold bites through to my bones. I focus on reaching warmth, a light at home burns…
waiting for me, hope alive.

Courage shines, hope a lifeline.
Weary, wanting to lie down and rest. But hope does not give up, it draws on an inner strength, courage emerges. The storms rages on in fury, I take one step at a time. I see a flicker of light, my heart skips a beat. I am saved…
Hope has brought me home.

By C.E. Pereira


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