God is with us


We see God daily,
He talks to us, He listens quietly,
But we are too busy working,
so we miss getting to know God.

You feel down, you call a friend
that friend listens quietly
to your sharing and tears
Do you see God in that friend?

A beggar asking for alms
Do you reach out and give aid?
This is the face of God
we sometimes shut out.

A thunderstorm, lightning flashes,
Even with an umbrella, I am soaked
Rain lashing, but once it stops,
the rainbow is there, God’s promise.

Search for God daily,
and you will find Him.
He’s in your home, or at your workplace,
God is not elusive, He wants to be found.

We desire for materialistic things
but are not satisfied, we want more.
the flesh craves for worldly desires,
while the soul yearns for God’s love.

Death comes knocking, someone dies.
We mourn, who is to comfort us?
God hear us, he sends our way
someone to hold us as we weep.

When our burden gets too heavy,
and we want to give up, don’t,
cry to God, ask for His strength.
God is with us always, even when we doubt.

By C.E. Pereira


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