Love dies


A young girl starting to bloom,
on the verge of falling in love,
of sexual awakening,
a thin line between right from wrong.

A man full-grown and experienced,
He lavished her with attention,
Dancing the waltz, bodies touching,
Her senses aroused, confused.

Budding love, so fragile,
He’d forgotten how it felt,
Young love, trusting and honest,
He was careless and thoughtless.

Her heart displayed on sleeves,
She thought him handsome and loving,
Love glowed in her eyes,
He found her easy prey.

First love, a pure love,
She couldn’t see his sly lust,
He seduced and tempted her,
She was breathless and warm.

Then one day he was gone,
Another had found his attention,
A young heart devastated, trust killed,
Love dies, what is left – bleakness.

By C.E. Pereira


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