The Heart


each day the world grows weary.
humanity reaches out caring and loving.
but the constant empathy takes a toll.
the heart bleeds, its cries unheard.

frozen, warmth gone from the heart.
now, coldness and hardness rules.
icicles traps empathy within.
the heart is encased in a block of ice.

empathy is vanishing from the heart.
caring and love is lost.
indifference has captured the heart.
the heart is slowly turning into stone.

the heart is fragile, easily bruised.
as caretakers we protect the heart.
but sometimes our actions are disastrous,
making the heart become cold and hard.

the worlds burdens will continue.
showing compassion is the heart’s mission
can empathy shine through once again?
only the caretaker can unlock the heart.

By C.E. Pereira


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