Tea time


Dainty doilies on tables
Napkins and silverware
Will you sit at table
and share tea time bites.

Tea cups on saucers
A pot of tea awaits
Cream puffs and scones
Let’s indulge at tea time.

Sets of sandwiches enticing
Cupcakes and English muffins
Enjoy the taste and scent
A spread so delicious.

Chocolate cakes and cream cakes
A bite taken, a taste of luxury
A cup of tea with milk and sugar
A sip taken, brings comfort.

Tea time at home
Set in the dining room
or outside in the garden
Simple, yet elegant.

High tea at a hotel
The dining room in such splendour
A spread filled with richness
Luxury written all over.

Pouring tea into a cup
Biting into a muffin
Sipping tea, delectable
Tea time is to be enjoyed.

By C.E. Pereira


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