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The heart remembers – 14


By C. E. Pereira

Chapter 14

CHRISTMAS morning! Yawning and stretching, Tamara got out of bed and headed downstairs stopping to knock on Jack’s door.

Hearing Jack’s sleepy voice, Tamara shouted, “Get up sleepyhead. It’s Christmas. Don’t you want to open your presents?”

She heard some movements then suddenly the door swung open and Jack dashed off yelling, “Race you downstairs. Last one gets to make coffee.”

Screeching and laughing Tamara raced after Jack. By the time she reached the living room Jack was already searching through the presents under the tree.

He picked one that was from Tamara and opened it. She’d got him a pair of workman’s leather gloves. She watched him but he didn’t say anything, just kept looking at the gloves.

Breaking the silence Tamara asked, “Jack?”

Looking up and seeing the frown on Tamara’s forehead, Jack quickly assured her that everything was fine. Then he told her, “You said you’ll get me a new pair just before the accident. Your heart remembered your promise. Thanks! Merry Christmas Tammy!”

Reaching up to kiss Jack on his cheeks, Tamara wished Jack a Merry Christmas too.

“Here’s one for you to open before you make coffee,” Jack said with a grin.

Tamara’s present from Jack was a black cowboy’s hat. She remembered Jack telling her that he searched the area where her horse threw her off but couldn’t find her hat. “Thanks Jack! I love it.”

“So, do I get my coffee now?”

Laughing they both headed for the kitchen to start the day with coffee and breakfast. Mrs Drummond would be down soon to start the preparation for the Christmas feast.

They were just finishing their coffee when Mrs Drummond came in. She shooed them out of her kitchen saying, “You two got nothing to do but sit here drinking coffee. Go on…you got chores to do before you need to get ready.”

Grinning, both the Quinns said, “Merry Christmas Mrs Drummond.” And handed her a Christmas gift.

“Merry Christmas dears.” Mrs Drummond replied. Tearing the wrapping paper, she opened her gift that was the full video set of “McLeod’s Daughters”.

Screeching Mrs Drummond kissed Jack then Tamara, “Oh my God. You got me the full set. Thank you! Oh gosh! You are such dears.”

Smiling and laughing, they both went out of the kitchen. Jack had to ride fence today while Tamara had to muck out the stables and tend to the horses. There was always a lot to do on a farm but all of them were looking forward to tonight’s Christmas party.

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I'm a Eurasian of Portuguese, English, Scottish and Malay heritage. And my extended family are of Chinese and Indian heritage. In recent years, the younger generation have added on to include spouses from the Philippines, Nigeria and Russia. My world is made up of different colours like the rainbow. And like the rainbow I am unique. Reading is my form of relaxation, to escape from the drudgery of daily life and enter into a world of the imagination. It is the love of reading that has led me to try my hand in writing short stories and poems. I hope that in some way my stories and poems will take you for a little while away from the drudgery of the present into the pages of imagination. To new friends found, I bid you, Welcome. Sincerely, C.E. Pereira

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