Silver Lining


how many of us struggle,
to keep from going over the edge.
that feeling of being trapped,
slowly drowning, gulping for air.

calm on the outside, turmoil on the inside.
wanting to smash anything breakable
in your mind you see the results
your hands fisted, your teeth clenched.

taking deep breaths, returning to sanity
your heart rate racing, your chest heaving
blood rushing and pounding in your mind
for that split second you spaced out.

demoralize, despair, depression,
words with a negative meaning.
denial, doubt, desolate,
the mind stuck in self-pity.

the struggle to think positive,
when all around you is collapsing.
thoughts without a flicker of light,
clouds of darkness, hope almost lost.

where is that silver lining?
that assurance to never give up,
no matter how bad things get,
don’t give up, don’t ever quit.
Life is precious, Life is sacred.

By C.E. Pereira


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