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The heart remembers – 10


By C.E. Pereira

Chapter 10

WHERE was she? The pain. Her head hurt. Each time she tried to move, she felt lightning bolts shooting through her head. Why was it so dark?

She could feel the gravel beneath her hands as she tried to sit up. Pain shot through her head again and she nearly blacked out.

The sun was hot, she could feel the heat but why was it so dark? A feeling of panic almost caused her to scream. Something was very wrong with her eyes. She couldn’t see. She tried to remember what had happened but couldn’t.

If only the pain would stop. She couldn’t think clearly, it was an effort to think. She tried to think again and she couldn’t remember anything. Not even her name.

This time the panic took over. She heard herself screaming and sobbing. Then thankfully blackness enveloped her sending her into unconsciousness.

Byron spotted her first. He pulled the trigger of his rifle and fired a shot in the air to signal to the others that Tamara had been found. Then he radioed the helicopter his location.

She was lying so still, he feared the worst. Reaching for her wrist he felt for her pulse. Finding it he took a deep breath and thank God that she was still alive.

He checked her for broken bones and was relieved there was none. He didn’t try to move her until the others got there. He noticed some dried blood on a lump at the back of her head.

A few minutes later, Jack and the other riders arrived but while Byron was waiting it felt like forever. Taking the stretcher that they had brought with them they gently placed Tamara on it and waited for the helicopter to come.

All this time Tamara hadn’t stirred at all. Jack was taken back to that time when his sister was injured in the crash that took the lives of his parents. All kinds of frightening thoughts ran through his mind. Most of all the thought that she might die.

“She looks so small,” he whispered.

“She’s strong Jack. She’s a fighter. She’ll get through this.” Byron prayed he was correct.

Both of them looked up at the same time hearing the helicopter. In less than ten minutes the helicopter was on its way to the  hospital.

Byron caught a glimpsed of Jack holding his sister’s hand as he watched the helicopter take off, a prayer on his lips.

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