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Constant Changes


life’s journey
for new adventures
never satisfied

a journey with excitement
a restless soul
one journey ends, we look for a new one

so much to see
tied down
nothing is free
dying on the inside

trying to break free
my spirit anchored
not to see a sunrise or sunset
desire for the unattainable

a life time journey
of happiness and sadness
of achievements and disappointments
of having and of wanting

God the centre in my life
joy and light surrounding me
God missing in my life
darkness and blackness drowning me

afraid of life, its changes
confidence shaken
to take a leap of faith
blindly reaching out, hoping

trusting the one you love
thanking and appreciating life
a day to remember,
defending the one you love

looking with wonder at beauty
enjoying the beauty of nature
flowers vivid and bright
the breeze kissing your skin

the warmth of the sun touching you
each day different
to see the humour and laugh
happy babies and smiles

time running out
a day you wish to forget
blinded by anger and hate
the body slowing down

the mind refuses to admit
pain rakes the body
sadness of not being loved
final days of twilight

waiting to meet thy Maker
death looms larger
of the unknown a constant fear
faith in God’s promise

the Cross conquers death
believing yet doubting
nothing ever permanent
life with its constant changes

By C.E. Pereira