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They were my family


At the animal shelter,
small, with a lame leg,
eyes bright with intelligence,
asking to be taken home.

My heart melted in that moment,
signing the papers,
she became mine to keep,
however scruffy in appearance.

Ever faithful to me,
to my Mum all her love she gave.
Ever obedient to me,
my Mum the centre of her universe.

On a late Christmas night,
I heard him cry.
Next morning I found him,
among the debris and rubbish.

This small bundle of fur-ball,
came bounding up to me,
with trusting eyes and a loud purr,
asking to be taken home.

Eyes which held such mischief,
wanting to chase anything that moves.
Always trusting in me,
I was the centre of his universe.

This story told here,
of Scruffy the homeless puppy,
and Scamp the lost kitten,
became a beautiful addition to my family.

A few months apart, they grew up together.
Almost same in size, they were friends.
A miniature poodle, coated white.
A tabby cat, patches of ginger and white.

Just like siblings their behaviour.
Annoying one moment, forgiving the next.
Ignoring each other, protecting one another.
Curled up, asleep, keeping the other warm.

Scamp in a cat fight,
high-pitched screeching heard.
Scruffy in the middle,
barking and defending her friend.

A hot afternoon and a noisy Scruffy,
non-stop barking spells trouble.
A sleeping Scamp, tail wagging,
to wake-up in a foul mood.

I kid not what happened next.
The cat stretches and ambles over,
A paw lifts up, smacking Scruffy.
The look of surprise on that dog’s face.

They brought much laughter and joy,
with such unconditional love,
a boxful of memories I’ll treasure,
of a scruffy dog and one scamp of a cat.

By C.E. Pereira