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What is it like to have a sister?


I don’t have any.
Some say I’m lucky.
Others – how sad.
What of an only child?

I have brothers.
I can say a lot about them.
But am drawn to wanting sisters,
which I have none.

I yearn for what I don’t have.
I envy those who have them.
I feel the empty space within.
I want someone to be my sister.

I search among my friends.
I treat them as my sisters.
I hold on too tightly.
They just want to be friends.

I search among my cousins.
I treat them as my sisters.
But they don’t see me as one.
For they have their own sisters.

With a sister, secrets to whisper.
But I do not know.
With a sister, sharing everything.
But I do not know.

There will be subjects of taboo,
Topics only brothers share with brothers.
Where my brothers and I will avoid,
on subjects only sisters share with sisters.

But is it all that different.
I could have a sister, and never wanted one.
Envying those who didn’t have any.
Life is never what it seems.

I will always yearn for a sister.
On days I see sisters having fun,
For a moment in time I will imagine,
it is me and my sister in that picture.

By C.E. Pereira