Little girls and their dolls,
An afternoon tea party,
Friendship forged amidst giggles,
While playing with their dolls.

Little boys won’t admit,
action figures are dolls.
Deny they will, loudly,
while playing with their dolls.

Little girls with Barbie and Kent,
Doll accessories to dress-up.
Little boys with Batman and Robin,
The Bat-mobile ready to do battle.

Baby dolls or paper dolls,
Raggety Ann or Cabbage Patch,
Designers dolls or Action figures,
Dolls as toys, dolls as collectibles.

From Momoko, petite and dainty,
Blythe, oversized head and large eyes,
a Robert Toner 16-inch doll,
or the anime ball-jointed dolls.

Fashion dolls as collectibles,
face repainted, hair rerooted,
one-of-a-kind, in demand,
sought after by collectors.

Into adulthood passion grows,
Memories of play and fun,
turning into collectors,
enjoying, yet serious of their dolls.

By C.E. Pereira


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