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The heart remembers – 8


By C. E. Pereira

Chapter 8

JACK! Best friend. Best buddy. Best brother anyone could have. And Byron was still trying to figure how to tell his friend that he was interested in his kid sister. No, not just interested but in love with her. Love, that he loved Tamara, had been in love with her for a long time.

Well, sitting in his four-wheel drive truck outside the Double Creek Ranch wasn’t helping at all. So, Byron put his truck in gear and drove towards the house.

Jack was in the study, working on some paperwork for the ranch when he heard the truck pull up.

Someone else also heard the truck pull up and ran to get the door. Down the steps she skipped and into Byron arms for a kiss.

Looking out the study window, Jack was in time to see Tamara fling her arms around Byron and kiss him. And kept on kissing him. Byron seemed to have no problem in responding to the kiss. He seems to be enjoying it.

Enjoying it…I’ll kill him…but first I’ll break every single bone in his body. Then I’ll kill him.

Calmly Jack went back to his desk and waited for Byron to come.

Byron felt like someone just kicked him in the gut. Kissing Tamara tied him in knots and every intelligent thought left his mind. But his body craved for her kisses, wanting this kiss to last longer.

But knowing he had to face Jack in a little while, he eased off on the kiss. Holding Tamara at arm’s length he said, “Well, sweetheart! It’s time to face the firing squad. If I don’t survive remember I’ll always love you.”

Laughing, Tamara answered, “Don’t be a silly goose. Jack will be happy for us both. You’ll see.”

With a kiss for good luck, Byron entered the study.

Looking up, Jack smiled and said, “Hi Byron. You look like you’re facing a firing squad.”

“Hi Jack. Need to tell you something. I….”

But Jack didn’t let Byron finish. Between clenched teeth he said, “I’m going to break every single bone in your body before I kill you.”

Byron looked startled. “You saw us just now, kissing.”

“Kissing! It looked more like you were trying to eat her.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! It wasn’t like that.”

“I know kissing. And that wasn’t kissing.”

“Who made you the expert? I don’t see you kissing anyone recently.” Sighing, Byron regretted his words. Sitting down on the chair he looked at his friend in the eyes and said, “Jack, I love Tamara, have been in love with her forever. She loves me too. I’d never do anything to hurt her. I’d die first before I do that.”

Jack tried to think why he wanted to break every single bone in Byron body but couldn’t. This was his best friend, his brother.

“If I remember correctly, yesterday, you were ready to get your shotgun.” stated Jack.

“Well, I was jealous as hell,” muttered Byron.

“So, what are your intention to my sister?”

“I want to court her, candlelight dinners, bring her flowers. I want to get to know the woman that Tamara is now. So, we are OK?”

“Ya, we are OK! Let’s go find Tamara and an excuse to open a bottle of champagne.”

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