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It is Lent, a solemn month.
The preparation of the believer,
through prayer, penance, repentance,
charity, atonement and self-denial.
Can I commit to Lent?

The Stations of the Cross,
to kneel and pray.
On Fridays, no meat,
40 days of Lent.

Look to the Cross,
The agony of the thorns,
The scourging He endured,
Nailed and speared.

Each Lent I try,
Most days I fail,
My faults multiplying,
He still loves me.

I want my comforts,
I crave my habits,
I pray and try,
I cave-in, nailing Him again.

I make excuses, I am weak.
I crucify Him.
I don’t have the time, I am busy.
I crucify Him.

Faith shaken,
prayer meaningless,
Evil calling,
A pull to give up.

Look to the Cross,
A victory won.
However much you stumble,
He will never let you fall.

In brokenness I reach out,
Hurting from failure.
Eyes drawn towards the Cross,
I surrender all my hurts.

As many times as I fall,
Will be as many times I conquer.
As long as my soul seeks Him,
As long as I look to the Cross.

By C.E. Pereira