A woman true and true,
Sparkles and glitters,
earings and necklaces,
Fashionable and elegant

Feminine and alluring.
Eye shadows and lipsticks,
Perfumes and scents,
Smokey looks and sexy.

Poised and breath-taking,
Kaftans and gowns,
silks and nylons,
Softness to the touch.

All that make up a woman,
You portray in person.
All for the love of being a woman,
You define the catwalk of life.

Your name I’ll always associate,
To beauty and allusion.
A change from plain to exotic,
Alluring, in the eyes of the beholder.

By C.E. Pereira


2 thoughts on “Angeline”

  1. A beautiful and amazing description for Angeline. You brought alive in vision with the description. Some beauty cannot be forgotten. Thank you for the outstanding poetry for Angeline.


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