Being Eurasian


I look in the mirror and wonder,
How do others see me?
Neither Asian nor European.
Where do I belong?

Different shades,
mixed in an artist palette.
All the colours of the rainbow,
vibrant, beautiful, unique.

A culture of flavours,
Air Batu Campur or the Rojak,
The cocktail or Latte Mocha,
A mixture of this and that,
Tasty, yet unique.

I cannot be subtracted or divided.
Neither can I be minus or multiplied.
I am of mixed parentage,
A Eurasian as vibrant as the rainbow.

By Caroline E. Pereira


3 thoughts on “Being Eurasian

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  2. I enjoyed the poem. I have many races and places in my blood also. I tell my children. Be proud of who you are and never allow anyone to look down at you. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.


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