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Shadows, monsters and the Bogeyman


Shadows through a window,
Playing tricks on the eyes,
I see them moving,
The Bogeyman on the loose.

I try to close my eyes,
But they are drawn to the window.
The wind moving objects,
My mind on monsters.

Light gone, darkness here,
Monsters under the bed,
The Bogeyman in the shadows,
A child’s imagination alive.

I hear my mother’s voice,
A long forgotten memory,
Telling me softly,
Don’t be afraid, I am here.

Sleep little one,
Be not afraid,
Your Guardian angel watches,
As do your Mummy too.

What triggered this fear?
A child I hold to soothe,
But who to hold me now?
For Mummy needs a hug too.

By C.E. Pereira