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The heart remembers – 7


By C. E. Pereira

Chapter 7

BREAKFAST was a noisy affair. Tamara and Daniel kept bantering with each other. Jess felt glad to see her husband and son laughing and talking with ease.

Jess could also feel the excitement between Byron and Tamara. Something was up with these two. And by the looks of things she wouldn’t need to do much matchmaking.

Looking innocent, Jess said, “Tamara looks a bit flush. Did you overwork her Byron?”

Before Byron could answer, Tamara said, “No, he didn’t. He did most of the work.”

“Then you must be coming down with something. I’ll get the thermometer.”

“I’m fine, Jess. I don’t have a fever.”

“Leave the girl alone, love. Looking flush makes her look real pretty. Don’t you think, son?” said Daniel.

Turning a shade darker than pink, Tamara was a loss for words.

Byron came to her rescue.

“Dad, when you kiss Mum, doesn’t she look a lot like how Tamara looks now. Don’t you think?”

“Are you saying you kissed Tamara?” demanded Daniel.

Jess got up and hugged Tamara before smacking Byron on the shoulder and saying, “It took you long enough to get the nerve to kiss the girl.”

Tamara sheepishly said, “I think I might just stay red in the face forever.”

“So, when is the wedding? Have you both set the date? A June wedding would be romantic, don’t you think, Daniel?” Jess was laughing and hugging both of them, her son and the daughter of her heart.

“Love, hold your horses. You’re scaring the girl.” Looking at Byron, Daniel continued, “You hurt Tamara, I’ll skin your hide.”

“Mum! Dad! We’re both taking things slow. And a dinner date tonight is a start. So stop scaring Tamara or she might change her mind and not go out with me.”

“Ok…ok… But I sure would love to see the look on Jack’s face when he hears that it’s you that Tamara has set her eyes on.” smirked Daniel.

The look on Byron face was priceless. He’d forgotten about Jack. Oh Boy!

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