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Are they Angels now?


A baby girl arrives too early,
Parents grieve, she could not stay.
They named her Heidi,
Before letting her go home.

Another baby girl,
Too soon she came.
Grieving again, they cried for Sophie,
For she too had to go home.

For the short time they held them,
Loving them, hurting constantly,
Knowing their babies were dying,
Parents left behind, hearts crying.

A mother’s breast hurts,
she wants to feed her babies.
But no crying she hears,
For Heidi and Sophie are no more.

A father’s heart in anguish,
he listens for his babies’ cry,
But there is only silence.
For Heidi and Sophie are no more.

Childhood laid to rest,
Their tiny bodies cold,
Tiny souls soar up joyfully,
While Heaven awaits them.

Called back to The Father,
Innocence not corrupted.
Are they Angels now?
I believe they are.

By C.E. Pereira