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The heart remembers – 6


By C. E. Pereira

Chapter 6

EARTH to Byron!” Tamara said while snapping her fingers in front of his face.

“Did you say something?” Byron asked.

“Where did you go? I was talking to you and then suddenly I realized you were not listening.” Tamara pouted.

“Sorry, I was just sorting some problems in my head.”

“You always go off somewhere in your head and shut the rest of the world out.” stated Tamara.

“Well, it’s my sanctuary. And it’s off-limits.” Byron retorted with a smile in his voice.

“It doesn’t do a girl’s ego any good if the guy’s attention is somewhere else.” muttered Tamara looking down at her shoes.

Lifting Tamara’s chin and looking straight into her blue eyes, Byron said, “I am very aware of you Tamara. And your ego is big enough for the both of us.”

Feeling light-headed, Tamara felt herself leaning forward, drawn to the pull of his mouth. Wanting so much to kiss and be kissed.

Hearing Tamara sigh and catching that fleeting look of desire on her face made Byron’s pulse race faster. Throwing caution to the wind, Byron kissed Tamara; it was like an explosion of colours and fireworks. Her lips were soft and he deepened the kiss asking for entry.

Tamara couldn’t think. All her senses were tingling, her body felt like on fire. Being kissed by Byron was incredible. Kissing him was exhilarating and exciting. She wanted the kiss to go on forever.

He needed air. But he didn’t want the kiss to end. And having Tamara’s body molded to his didn’t help any better. Reluctantly he pulled away from the kiss, breathing hard. He still held her against his body, stroking her hair.

Her body was tingling all over. Her heart rate was still racing and desire wanted to overtake common sense. And she was glad that Byron was stronger than her in controlling his desires.



“Sweetheart! If you don’t stop nibbling my ear I’ll lose control.”

“Can we kiss again?”

Whatever self-control Byron had was lost when he heard that question. Seeking her lips once more, he kissed her tenderly. Even though he tried to keep his desire in control, kissing Tamara seem to ignite a fire within him that made him wanting more.

Dragging his lips away, he stammered, “Got to stop.” Another kiss. Shakily he pulled away again, “Sweetheart…got to stop. If we continue, we’ll both regret our actions.”

Seeing the uncertain look on her face, Byron tried again, “I love you, Tamara. I want to take this slow. I don’t want to make any mistake or hurt you. I value our friendship too much to just have a roll in the hay.”

“You love me?” whispered Tamara with hope in her voice.

“Yes. I’m sorry that I hurt you that day when I left. But you were so young.”

“I still love you, Byron. I haven’t stopped being in love with you. So where do we go from here?”

Giving her a quick tender kiss, Byron asked, “Can I court you? Take you out to dinner; bring you flowers, Hmm. kiss you goodnight on your porch. Kiss you just because I want too.”


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