Quiet Time


Dawn, stillness surrounds,
awaiting the sunrise.
Quietness as dreams fade,
I wake up, chasing sleep away.

Not a sound can be heard,
all in peaceful slumber.
Just the creak of a floorboard,
and the call of an early bird.

I love this hour,
of quiet time cherished,
to savour the stillness of dawn,
to embrace God in prayer.

I marvel at the changes,
from darkness to light.
The trees in shadow to colour,
The sun shines, night is gone.

My quiet time vanishes,
sounds of music, someone else is awake.
A sigh from within,
So fleetingly, quietness vanishes.

Til tomorrow, I await dawn,
eagerly, hopefully.
For my quiet time,
to start my day with God.

By C.E. Pereira


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