Locking Gods’ name


My homeland, my country.
Unique, colourful, vibrant.
Religions and cultures differ,
Unity, desired by all.

Once we were a new nation,
We shared our burdens and hardship.
Working together to build a better future,
For our children and those yet to be born.

Questioned not our neighbours differences,
But accepted each other as equals.
I may worship differently from you,
But no segregation or line divided us.

A different mother tongue each one speaks,
But united by our national language.
Our young ones grew up with it,
Until today, our national language was free.

But freedom to use certain words now denied,
Each day I see these invisible bars grow.
Words once used without fear,
Are now locked while books are seized and banned.

Censoring words, silencing the tongue,
Words becoming taboo, curbing my vocabulary.
Why do you stop me from using these words?
Instilling fear in the spoken and written word.

The words that I used to pray as a child,
Has now been taken away from me.
How do I tell my heart to call God differently?
How can a nation pray if God’s name is locked?

You are persecuting my soul,
Trying to snuff out my spirit.
Using the law to seal my lips,
But my mind and heart will not be sealed.

God will not let you.
He shows me a different way.
Silently I say His name.
And God silently answers me.

By C.E. Pereira


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