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What is prayer?
It is turning your heart towards God.
What prompts you to pray?
A restless heart, a longing for God.

Do you put aside time for prayer?
To tell Him your troubles
Thanking Him for blessings received
Asking and listening in prayer.

In prayer count your blessings
The roof over your head
You are out of the rain, the cold
Covered, warm and safe.

In prayer it is not moaning
How little you have.
It is counting your blessing,
by sharing With someone who has less.

In prayer ask Him to be merciful
For it is mercy you seek.
For the wrongs you have done
Ask for forgiveness.

A quiet time set aside
Contrite and humble.
A private place to use
Hearts and souls one with God.

A conversation with Him
He listens while you talk
When you stop, He speaks
Listen with your heart.

Call on His blessings
His goodness, his closeness, his mercy.
As simple and short this prayer is
“May He bless you”.

By C.E. Pereira