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A routine day


The alarm clock rings,
I get out of bed,
Not fully awake,
I stumble into the bathroom.

Each day the same rhythm,
No change in routine,
Not fully awake,
Like clock-work I get ready.

Grumpy and half-asleep,
That first cup of coffee, a must.
To disperse the cobwebs of sleep,
That second cup of coffee, a haven.

Energised, ready to do battle,
The day ahead, not so daunting,
Facing work with much gusto,
A brighter mood, a happy smile.

From morning till night,
Lots of things to do,
Routines and projects to handle,
Changes to make, changes to embrace.

Evening has come, time to relax.
To unwind with family, friends,
Sharing and listening to each other,
Another day, dusk approaches.

Bedtime, I set the alarm clock,
At my bedside, to say my prayers,
sleepily, I stumble into bed.
Snuggled and contented.

Into my dream world I enter,
Nightmares and lucid dreams,
A dreamscape ever-changing,
While a conscious mind sleeps.

In the quiet of the night,
Today has ended,
In the hope of tomorrow,
Will I awake to its routines, once again.

By C.E. Pereira