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Do the Dead hear our thoughts?
Feel our sadness or anger.
Be a part of our dreams,
Or is it just our wish?

Can the dead touch our love?
Know that we will always love them.
Hear our prayers and hopes
Or is it just our wish?

Death steals without warning,
Can you smell Death,
Swiftly it takes a loved one,
Can you understand Death?

Death does not prepare the living,
To embrace the lost of a loved one.
Death does not have answers,
To where it has taken a loved one.

You bury the dead, life continues,
An empty space remains, you grieve.
No new memories of your love,
The past, a lifeline you cling to.

Do you pray for a peaceful death?
When the time has come,
Will you be ready to face death?
And know your life on earth is ending.

Do you fear the unknown?
Isn’t death the unknown?
Who doesn’t fear death?
Are you afraid?

Is anyone prepared to meet death?
My life could end this minute,
Or I could live to be a hundred,
And I would not be prepared.

It is depressing thinking of death.
But it is faith that brings light.
And even death cannot touch,
The promise of life everlasting.

Does eternal life exist?
Where does the soul goes after death?
A heaven the Saviour died for,
Or the abyss of hell.

Before I was born,
My Father chose me.
Before I can enter my Father’s house,
I must die first.

Is Death a cleansing of the soul?
Is it a passage from human to spirit?
The end and the beginning,
Of a heart that stops and a soul that lives….

By C.E. Pereira
I wrote this poem eight months after the death of my brother Roy, while I was still grieving and trying to come to terms of accepting his death. Today, the pain has faded, love remains, but death is still beyond understanding.