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The first time I saw you
My heart already knew you
Your smile was familiar
Like I’d known you from somewhere
Your smile tugged at my heart
I wanted to be your friend
I was lucky that day
You wanted to be mine too

Each day I love you more
Blessed from above
You love me too
Days flew and became years
Filled with sharing and caring
Loving together
I’d found my partner
To share this life

But came the day so dark
My soul cried
As my heart broke
Into a thousand pieces
As you chose another
I was alone, in despair
Picking up the pieces
Living the pain

Of a trust lost in time
Of a love battered in tears
I thought I’d lost you
I felt betrayed
Each day I waited
For you to leave
You didn’t, you stayed

A tough road ahead
Of broken promises
And damaged hearts
Two souls seeking
To trust each other again
It will take a long time
To heal the pain in my heart

Trusting again
Will take a longer time
There’s still this fear
You may want to leave me one day
And if you go I won’t stop you
If you don’t come back
It wasn’t meant to be
If you do, I’ll love you

Two souls touching
Two hearts loving
Joined together as one
Strong yet fragile
A trust still healing
My heart’s yours to keep
As it is yours to break
My love yours forever
A promise to you
Yesterday, today and tomorrow

By C. E. Pereira