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Ten cents


A little girl staring longingly,
The toys in the window dazzling,
A ten cents coin gripped tightly,
Silently wishing it would change.

Innocence tested to its limits.
Wanting in eyes filled with sadness.
Hands reaching out to touch,
Knowing it will never be hers.

A magical world, this toyland.
Through the glass, a forlorn lassie
Eyes greedily feasting on this wonderland,
Of dolls, tin soldiers and teddy bears.

A harsh word heard by this small person,
Whose only crime was looking inside.
Tears flood her bright eyes,
For ten cents cannot buy a toy.

Still glued to the window,
Looking at toys she’ll never have,
Knowing her ten cents wouldn’t change.
However much she wished it to.

Slowly turning away, head bowed.
Small shoulders carrying a heavy burden,
Ten cents tightly held in her little hand.
As dolls, tin soldiers and teddy bears fade away.

By C.E. Pereira