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The River


Water, our source of life.
Without water life dies.
The river is vulnerable,
Contamination brings death.

Water flowing for miles and miles.
How do we protect the river?
Gushing at some places, calm in others,
The river is full of life.

Dumping of waste a hazard.
Killing the river little by little.
Pollution undetected brings death.
Protect the river, water is life.

Impossible to monitor the river.
But ensure its protection we must.
Those living near the river,
A help to alert when threatened.

Clean water, a healthy people.
Safe from disease and sickness.
Tap water, a nation prosper.
Strong and happy, safe.

The river so crucial,
Brings water to each home.
You turn on the tap,
Clean water pours out.

The taps run dry!
We have no drinking water.
Water, water, water.
The river our lifeline!

By C.E. Pereira