My Guardian Angel


When I was a child,
My mother taught me to pray.
Every night before I slept,
My Guardian Angel prayer I said.

I grew up believing,
My Guardian Angel, my protector.
A call to my defender,
Will always be answered.

In angels with wings and swords,
A child’s trust, never falters.
Today, I can still recite this prayer,
A faith from childhood grown stronger.

The words in this prayer,
To light and guard, to rule and guide,
A tough job has my Guardian Angel,
To protect me from danger.

Everyday when I venture out,
Are places where evil may reside.
My Guardian Angel by my side,
Protecting and defending me always.

I once was asked, does he have a name?
Who? Your Guardian Angel.
No. Don’t you want to know his a name?
How? In your prayer, ask him.

So, in prayer I asked.
Time went by and I forgot.
But My Guardian Angel remembered.
And whispered his name to me – Jessie!

By C. E. Pereira


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