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How will I know?


I have searched for you
My whole life
In places I thought I’d find you
But I didn’t

You are like the wind
The whisper of a kiss
Softly touching my skin
A melody of wind-chimes

Yesterday I felt you
Was it a dream
I awoke
You weren’t there

I cry out for you
The wind is stronger
I cannot hear you
A storm is coming

Lightning flashes
And thunder roars
I am lost, alone
Am I safe? I hide!

Fear suffocating
I search for you
Crippling and unbearable
I don’t find you

The storm is almost gone
My heart calms down
The wind whispers softly again
Calling my name

Always a whisper
You cannot be seen
Always a touch
How will I know I’ve found you?

By C. E. Pereira