Searching, always searching
Of what I am not sure
Something always seem missing in my life
I try to reach out but it’s not there

What is it that I am searching for?
In my dreams I reach out and touched it
But when I awake it’s not there anymore
Gone without a whisper, just gone

When I was a kid, everything was simple
Daring to go into a world of make-believe
To have believed in the land of fantasy
Will I ever be able to feel such magic again?

In this search, I cannot reach my desire
This, that my heart yearns for so much
Is always out of reach, beyond me
Beyond the next step, but still out of reach

Don’t do this to me, my heart cries out
Let me touch what I see so clearly in my dreams
I have only to close my eyes to see it
But it’s gone and reality is such a cold place

By C. E. Pereira


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